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First Thursday - The Boofday Edition

What a nice pre-birthday celebration. Seriously, I posted a little blurb on the bottom of my bARTer Sauce newsletter last week that if thy wanted to hang out with me on my birthday they could come by on First Thursday during the Art Walk. And people showed up. Some with CAKE! Kelly Lyles baked me a german chocolate cake that we ate all of even though we had no forks! I should have taken a picture but I was too engrossed in CAKE! She put a little mutant baby on the top. It was super-duper good. My cute studio partner, Kimberly, made me a Happy Birthday Rosalie sign on our chalkboard. Super cute. I got the most evil looking teddy bear lamp as a bARTer Sauce trade from Emmett (now he and Kate are contractually obligated to make art projects with me & Doug next week). Brit (the creator of the paper bag puppet costume that Emmett got for the bear lamp) even stopped by long enough to see the trade happen in person.

Here's a close-up of the Evil Teddy Lamp:

I got the best belt ever made by the woman who made the best skirt ever, Betsy. I'm wearing it today and two guys stopped me on the street to tell me how much they liked it. Guys. And I don't think they were being smarmy...I think they actually just liked it. I got to visit my friend Sara at her art show down the street at 619 Western and deliver her Shower Art I promised her ages ago. Tim & Veronica brought me Betty Boop paraphenalia and an awesome ring that will totally come in handy if I ever get into a fight. They're awesome! And Doug, the best husband ever, surprised me with a skirt I fell in love with about 9 months ago in Les Amis. He's been carrying it around in his car for 9 months waiting for surprise me. It worked! Sorry Betsy -- I think I'm going to have to relegate your skirt to number two best skirt in the world. Don't be sad though -- that's still pretty good. The night was a little bit of a blur -- in part because of the level of activity -- and in part because of the red wine.


Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday super awesome birthday lady!!!!! so glad to have even made #2. XO!!!!