11:53 AM

Do you love free stuff? Me too.

My pretty friend Betsy did a pay it forward-ey thing on her blog the other day. She said if you left a comment she would send you something awesome in the mail
I LOVE getting things in the mail. So so much. So very much that I send out letter upon letter to friends who rarely write back (you know who you are you monsters) just so that I have HOPE (however slim) that someday I will get something great (or not great - I'm not picky) in the mail.
I order things online (can you say http://www.etsy.com) so I'll get neat stuffs stuffed in my mailbox. And I've devoted the last three years or so of my life to bARTer Sauce - a project that ensures I'll be getting interesting packages from all over the country. I'll do anything for mail. INCLUDING giving away neat stuff myself. That was the only requirement from Betsy - if you get something from her you have to make the same pay it forward-ey offer on your blog. So here it is. If you want a special surprise in the mail just leave a comment on this blog. Then, send me a link to your blog post offering up free surprises to others and you'll get something in the mail from me. What will you get? It's a surprise - but it might be one of my Tater Bot cards. Maybe - just maybe.


elsie said...

Just discovered your blog on the ETSY forum thread I love your sense of humor!!- come visit me sometime:


Audrey said...

Hello! Found you through the etsy forums. I'm game! Love getting free stuff or any stuff in the mail. Do I have to send something to everyone who comments? Or pick a name?

freshie (and zero) said...

I used to always send my friends letters in college who of course never wrote me back. One of those ladies is still a dear friend and she recently read one of my letters to me over the phone and it was so funny to hear what my 18 year old brain was thinking 12 years ago.

So I suggest telling your friends that if they aren't going to write them back to at least save your letters and reread them to you one day years from now!

TheresaJ said...

What a neat idea!