7:01 PM

Zombie Tater On the Town

The Zombie Tater went out on the town. Someone I am married to named Doug took pictures. Here they are: Zombie Tater goes to run an errand. La Familia Gallery will probably never be the same. I skeerded them good while picking up a painting that I purchased on their Facebook benefit to send their artists to somewhere or other. I got a piece by Brad Strain. It is awesome. Zombie Potato loves it. Although it was a bit difficult to communicate that I was in the gallery to pick up my winnings. I think people were distracted by the fact that I was dressed up like a Zombie Potato. Tater Zombie plays bridge at The Reeders (one of whom is pregnant with twins). I took a risk with this one because they have one very, very large dog and one very, very neurotic dog. The odds were that they would eat me. They did not. But only because they are well trained. Tater Zombie hangs out in Belltown. Yes, I own a condo in Belltown. I'm a douche. I totally get that. In my defense though, I hate Belltown and all of its roaming, screaming, drunk Halter Tops. Most people in Belltown thought I was either an STD or a vagina with teeth. Douches. Loud douches. My Tater Zombie costume did need one adjustment. Doug made me a drinkin' hole that I could fit a staw through so I could get wasted on Gin & Tonics while I was wearing a big sack that impared my vision. It was smart. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... best costume ever. Zombie Potato. I highly recommend.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

"Have I toooold...you lately that I love you?" Well, I don't really know you, but you are entertaining as hell. As soon as I finish up a few more things that are already bought and paid for, I'll send something your way for ye olde barter sauce.

Jenn: Mad Scientist said...

I think you look EXACTLY like a zombie tater. Exactly.
Vaginas don't have eyes.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

This. Is. Absolutely. Epic.

Possibly the best costume ever. I love it!!!

Sara said...

Of course that is what all the Belltowners would think - that is ALL the haltertop crowd ever thinks of! That and booze. Of course. Good thing Doug rescued you so you could participate in the #1 true Belltown pastime. Three cheers to the Zombie Potato!!