7:29 PM

How Many Unicorn Posters Have YOU Stolen?

None? That's what I figured.

Well Nik is different. A little bit. Not in a Canadian way -- but still different. Plus, although I've never met him, I do imagine that he smells of almonds. Again, not in a Canadian way -- in a good, almond-ey way.

What am I talking about?
I have no idea.

I meant to do a blog post about my latest trade with Nicolas Caesar and perhaps I should just stick to the task at hand instead of talking randomly about the scent of almonds.

I'll try it.

Mr. Caesar, a frequent Sauce trader and the proprietor of Scary-Art.com, traded with me again. 
A two parter, this one included a Unicorn Poster that he stole along with a Transvestite Robot (well, really just a robot, but he included a weird wig in the box that he sent me so I put it on the robot and started calling it Transvestite Robot. It stuck). 
He gave me those in exchange for the Weird Rooster Thing and a painting I call "I Can See Butt."

Are you wondering at this point how you can grab the Unicorn Poster or the Transvestite Robot for yourself? 

All you need to do is get signed up on the bARTer Sauce website.  Once you have an account, you can make offers on any of the items that are currently available

What do you need in order to make an offer: A piece of art or an odd object -- and a story. That's pretty much it. 

Of course, I'll make you do other things like taking picture and answering "interview" questions but those come much later on in the process when you've already invested way too much to back out.