11:07 PM

What Do You Get When You Combine Make and BoingBoing?

A new online selling venue for handmade crafts. Why? What were you thinking?
Make and Boing Boing recently announced their new site for handmade sellers: Makers Market. I, for one, have already applied to be a seller. It's a juried process but we'll see what happens.
The fees seem reasonable if they anticipate enough traffic to the site to support the fees: "In the future, we will charge a one-time store setup fee of $75, a monthly fee of $15, and a commission of 8.5% per transaction. (The commission is calculated on product revenue, not shipping.) We are setting a commission minimum of $17/month, meaning our goal would be for you to sell at least $200 of merchandise each month."
They are waiving the fees for store setup and the monthly fee of $15 during their Beta phase.
One great thing that I noticed is that buyers don't have to create an account on the site in order to make a purchase. The payment gateway is each sellers individual Paypal account. That will be great for making sure that people who are making impulsive purchases don't back out before they can check out. Yay! Impulse!
Keep yer fingers crossed my little potatoes!