11:53 PM

First Thursday Art Walk

It was our first First Thursday Artwalk in the new studio. I'm studio-sharing with the coolest woman ever: www.kimberlyatstir.etsy.com. Doug and I set up a pretty kick-ass Shower Art display for the artwalk and crossed our fingers. Feedback was really positive and while we only sold one item: a starfish to a child who just kept holding it up and saying, "oooohhhhh" we did come home to a $76 Etsy order. That's awesome!

To kick off the night, I invited some of the EtsyRain folks (our Seattle Street Team) over to have some wine and get silly talking about forums and making fun of Carrie complainging about how she "can't keep up with her orders." Ahhhhh, to have that problem! She has the cutest baby ever. I'm probably biased though: he's the baby who demanded that she buy him a Shower Art. HA! I love that kid.

We walked around a bit, visited Kimberly at Stir, went to Occidental park...and then it was all over. Time flew by much faster than I had expected. Next month I'm going to start out much earlier. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. You're such a fun group and I genuinely enjoy your company. Let's do it again soon!

To close, here's some pictures of the most recent batch of Shower Art. We're making them out of rubber now instead of resin so they're squishy and nice and won't make quite such a loud noise if they fall off your shower wall.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your shop! i just added a link to your blog in mine, I hope it is OK!