7:04 PM

Missing Arrested Development

I'm watching Arrested Development for the third time. My memory is so bad that I only retain the funny for a few weeks after watching and then I start missing references that our Bridge partners and my LA friend make. So I begin again.
I think this might be the best part about having a bad memory. That show is so great and it got cancelled way too soon. But with a bad memory -- every time I watch it is like the very first time. In a way -- I'm blessed.
It always amazes me when people say they haven't seen this show. It is -- by far -- the funniest thing ever put on television. Ever. So watch it now. And watch it in a row. It's way funnier if you can remember enough to understand the callbacks (always a challenge for me).
You may think I am cruel for introducing you to something so special and fantastic when you know that it has already been cancelled. I know. But try to pretend you're European -- they try to end shows while they are still popular -- granted, they also sometimes wear fanny packs but so does my mom. And she's alright.
Take heart though, the movie is in the works.


Pattie said...

i have actually never seen this show, and now that I know that it is great I won't be seeing this show.

Because I'm that person who can't stop thinking about things like that...EVER...

oh why lizzy miguire WHHHYYYY

and Europeans do that...ah! It would drive me up the wall

happybetsy said...

Is it true George Michael was a hold out & it's delaying the movie????


Unknown said...

Oh wow -- I don't know Betsy! It's rumored to be in 2011. But it was rumored before for 2009. Sigh.

80sMom said...

Glad to have found your blog. Arrested Development is one of the funniest things, ever. It was just too smart for the average viewer. I will never get sick of those shows, ever.